What’s Considered a Dental Emergency?

What’s Considered a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are common, but not all dental issues require immediate care. How do you know the difference? A true dental emergency is any condition that threatens the life of the tooth or teeth, such as tooth trauma (fallen out tooth) or severe infection (toothache).

At Le Dentistry & Associates in Norcross, Georgia, our team of experts, led by Dr. Phuong Le and Dr. Uyen Hoang, manages all types of dental needs, including dental emergencies. No matter what type of care we provide, our goal is to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

Here, we explain what’s considered a dental emergency, so you can get the immediate care you need to save your teeth.

What’s considered a dental emergency

Any dental problem that causes bleeding, severe pain, or the potential loss of a tooth is a dental emergency. Examples include:

Below are some details about a few of these dental emergencies and why they need urgent care.

The tooth is knocked out

Any trauma to the mouth that results in a knocked-out tooth is considered a dental emergency. Whether from a sports injury or slip and fall, don’t wait — seek emergency dental care right away. Believe it or not, getting immediate dental care for your knocked-out tooth can save it. 

Before heading to the office, gently rinse off any debris from the tooth — avoid touching the root — and put it in a small container of milk or hold it inside your cheek until you get here. This action helps preserve the root so we can try to reattach it.  

Uncontrolled bleeding

Your gums are delicate tissue, and it’s not unusual for them to bleed when eating hard foods (apples, raw carrots, popcorn) or brushing or flossing. Normally, this type of bleeding is brief and stops on its own, so it’s nothing you need to worry about. 

However, if you have bleeding in the mouth that doesn’t stop, you need emergency dental care. Once you arrive at our office, we find the source of your bleeding and stop it. Getting immediate care for your uncontrolled bleeding reduces your risk of permanent tooth, gum, or jaw damage.

Severe mouth or tooth pain

Severe mouth pain and swelling are warning signs that you may have a serious dental problem. If your pain is so intense you can’t eat, think, or sleep, don’t ignore it. Call us immediately to figure out what’s happening and resolve your discomfort. 

A tooth abscess is a common cause of this type of intense pain and occurs when you have a pus-filled infection in the soft pulp inside the tooth. When left untreated, tooth infections can spread to the jawbone and the soft tissue in your neck and face, leading to more problems. 

You can’t predict when you’re going to have a dental emergency. But you can reduce the risk of complications by taking action right away when facing an emergency dental issue. 

Our team is here when you need emergency care. Call our office to talk to our specialist about your dental problem. For less urgent dental needs, you can request an appointment online.

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