Get a Better Smile and a Healthier Mouth with Dental Implants

If you’ve lost teeth due to decay or trauma, you’re not alone. However, that probably doesn’t lessen your self-consciousness or discomfort. Dental implants offer two big benefits: a better smile and a healthier mouth overall. 

Dr. Phuong Le and Dr. Uyen Hoang are experienced when it comes to dental implants. If you’re ready to get the smile you’ve always wanted and improve your oral health, the experts at Le Dentistry & Associates can help. 

A smile that shows your confidence

A smile that shows a missing tooth to the world can make you feel self-conscious and want to keep your mouth closed. Your teeth are important, and having even, gleaming rows of pearly whites can be vital to your self-confidence. If you’ve always wished for a killer smile, we can help. 

Dental implants can fill in the gap when you’re missing one or two teeth, or can serve to hold an entire arch of missing teeth. 

Missing teeth and your oral health

If one of your teeth can’t be repaired, then it’s important to have it replaced. A missing tooth destroys the integrity of your entire arch of teeth, like a capstone missing from an arch or wall. Your other teeth will shift and move into the gap left by the missing tooth, and the bones in your jaw become weaker, leading to eventual bone loss. The result is a cascade of tooth damage as one after another, the surrounding teeth become crooked or displaced.

Your smile with dental implants

One of the reasons dental implants are a superior method for replacing teeth is the stability you get with them. That stability comes from a titanium post that’s implanted into your jawbone. Eventually, your bone tissue grows around the post in a process known as osseointegration. The implant post becomes part of your jaw, providing stability and helping preserve your existing bone structure by acting as a tooth root. 

Once the implant is placed, the prosthetic tooth or teeth can be attached. This is the part you can see. It might be a single crown, a bridge replacing several teeth, or a set of dentures supported by four or more dental implants to replace an entire arch of teeth.

It’s important to take good care of your dental implant by practicing excellent oral hygiene to keep the gums around it healthy. 

As long as you take care of them, your dental implants can last decades. Follow these steps: 

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of dental implants and find out if you’re a good candidate, book an appointment at Le Dentistry & Associates today. Simply give us a call at 678-252-9881 and we’ll get your appointment on the books.

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