5 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

5 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

The soft, inner part of each tooth is called the pulp. It’s where nerves and blood vessels are. If your pulp becomes infected, a root canal could be necessary. 

At Le Dentistry in Norcross, Georgia, our dentists know that many people are apprehensive when they find out they need a root canal. However, modern techniques mean that root canals are generally quick and no more painful than a filling.

Here we discuss five signs you may need a root canal.

1. Your teeth are sensitive

When you bite into a popsicle, or a serving of food hot off the grill, does it hurt? What about taking a sip of an iced beverage, or a steaming cup of coffee? Temperature-sensitive enamel — or sensitivity to cold and heat — can be a normal reaction when biting directly into cold or hot foods, or sipping cold or hot beverages. 

However, if you usually don’t experience sensitivity, then suddenly do, or if the pain lasts longer than a minute or two, it could be a sign of a problem.

2. Your teeth ache

Most people have some temporary tooth pain on occasion. But, there’s usually a reason for the pain, and if it lasts more than a day or so, you should get it checked out. No matter if you feel a dull pain, your tooth feels sore, or if it’s a sharp pain, you should schedule an appointment. 

Unexplained dental pain is not normal. It’s vital to have it checked to determine whether or not you may be in need of a root canal.

3. Your teeth are changing color

Many foods and drinks can stain your teeth, causing discoloration. Age, too, can cause changes in the color of your teeth. In some cases a thorough professional cleaning can help. 

However, if the discoloration can’t be removed, it could well be due to some cause inside your tooth. Internal discoloration isn’t necessarily something serious, but it may indicate tissue death and should be checked out. You may need a root canal.

4. Your gums are tender, and they bleed

If your gums are red or tender, or if they bleed when you brush your teeth or floss, it could be a sign of gum disease or of tooth decay. A small pimple-like bump is another indication of a problem. 

A bump that looks like a pimple must be drained by a dentist. It’s very dangerous to attempt to drain a gum boil by yourself. If you notice any problem with your gums, schedule an appointment in our office. 

5. It hurts to bite down 

It’s normal to have some pressure sensitivity if you’re biting into something hard or applying extra pressure with your teeth. However, if it hurts when you bite into something softer, it could be a symptom of a problem.

If you are experiencing dental pain, you should schedule an appointment at Le Dentistry. If it turns out you do need a root canal, having it sooner rather than later is best. Plus, getting proper treatment means easing your pain.

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